Pokeyama Logo Design


A Hawaiian staple, of raw fish on rice: Originally Hawaiian fishermen would haul their catch and dice/poké it up and eat it then and there.

POKEYAMA is committed to bringing those authentic flavours fresh from the Hawaiian shores to London.

Responsible for the logo and typography, art direction.



To design a logo for pokey Yama a Hawaiian poker restaurant. To try and focus on the freshness and simplicity of the food, we are looking for something modern clean, similar to shake Shack and snackbar london that was a bit more punch with the typography.




I started looking at small Independent cafés, bars and restaurants to get a feel for the type of Work that was out there at the moment and get some inspiration for the use of type from milk coffee London on their social media but toning it down so was less experimental and more practical and legible.And taking inspiration from snack bar London and shake Shack with the simple illustration of the fish included within the logo. also looking at pokey yama menu and the dishes to get a feel for the Restaurant of the food that I would know which direction I wanted to go With the use of the colours and the feel using whites and blues for the freshness and where the food comes from.

poke bag 2.jpg